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About Us

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Why “Do Differently”

Bill Swift launched Do Differently in 2006 as the recognition of a need and the realization of a dream. During Bill’s over 30 years of corporate management life, he came to clearly understand that people make the enterprise. And that, despite decades of research into human potential and thousands of practitioners touting their training and coaching expertise, there was a large gap in the market, waiting to be filled by something different, something active. Hence, Do Differently.

Bill decided that he was going to be the one to bring this vision of coaching human potential to the marketplace. To add to his already formidable real-world experience, Bill steeped himself in the coaching world, gaining more tools and practical experience at CoachInc.

Knowing that one person cannot do it all alone, Bill teamed up with another experienced coach and former corporate marketing manager, Wendy Knowles. Together they form the core of Do Differently.

Do Differently’s Commitment to You

  • We will tackle your toughest “real time” challenges.
  • We won’t make extra work for you. Everything will be aligned/synergized with your current goals and leadership/team initiatives.
  • You will learn by doing, observation and reviewing results.
  • We will take ownership of the mission and build both trust and pride.
  • We will work with you to convert issues into solutions.
  • We will act inclusively with our communications and solutions.
  • We will support your results until they are stable.

Bill Swift

Bill Swift is an executive coach and leadership performance consultant with more than 30 years of corporate management experience. He brings this wealth of experience to his client relationships with an insightful business eye and strong understanding of people. His goal is to grow Change Leaders and deliver results. Bill was trained by CoachInc and is certified in a number of CoachInc programs. For more on Bill Swift, click here.

Wendy Knowles

Wendy has been a coach/consultant since 2002, working with executives, teams and entrepreneurs, bringing twenty-five years of business and leadership experience to her role at Do Differently. Wendy’s sales knowledge was honed through the ‘School of Hard Knocks’, with formal training from Miller-Heiman, Sales Performance International, Acclivus, and NCR University. Wendy’s clients appreciate her warmth and intuition, her ability to uncover possibilities and new ways of thinking, and her keen sense of action and results-focus. For more on Wendy Knowles, click here.

DoDifferently Values

Your Vision is Your Mission is Your Purpose.

Your values are the only sustainable basis for goal setting. You are your values. Values are founded in your beliefs and your thoughts. They manifest themselves in habits, which lead to actions, which lead to results.

We want every individual, every team and every business we engage with — in every interaction and in every relationship — to be better than we found them. Our intent is to elevate the lives we touch. We strive to be of service to others, so that they may realize more of their own “greater” selves. We hope the work we do brings more civility, goodness and fulfillment into the world.

The Passion of Living Your Personal Values

Your values are the ideals that are personally important and meaningful to you, and draw you forward. Values are fundamental to a person’s make up: we all have them, for better or worse. They are specific and individual and they underly all of our actions.

At Do Differently we believe people are their values and they demonstrate values through their actions.

By modifying values, through insight, discussion and alignment, the actions naturally modify themselves to stay in alignment. The outcome is new results.

Living Common Values Engages Teams

People and organizations can share common values.

People value honesty, openness and respectfulness in conversations.

Our work with individuals is founded upon developing a powerful set of values, and guiding principles and behaviours for individual success. We work with individuals to develop behavioural statements supporting each value.