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FAQs Corporate Coaching

How do you work?

We draw upon a combination of best business practices, years of experience, and an approach to conversations that are proven to open up new avenues of communication and engage individuals and teams more fully. With the coaching process, the client and the coach co-create the strategy and action plan. The client generally comes up with the direction. We ask thought-provoking questions that lead to shifts in the client’s perspective. The coach helps the client clarify their thinking. The coach supports the client over time in executing and fine-tuning the strategy. Depending upon the engagement, we may employ coaching, consulting, training, and ongoing involvement during execution phase. We find that a combination of intervention models often works best..

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How do we know that we are a candidate for coaching?

Do your executives work together as a team? Do you have a sustainable, competitive challenge? Are your leaders in place and in sync? Do your actions reflect your values? Are you meeting your goals without killing your people/self? Do your new hires stay on board and produce as anticipated? Do your people demonstrate professional strategic sales processes?

If not, you may be a candidate for coaching. The question is, are you ready to get to work in a new way for new results?

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What if our needs are different?

We will be pleased to discuss your situation. Our experience has demonstrated time and time again, that helping people think clearly and getting them into appropriate action is what coaching is all about. The process is universal. In addition, we provide insight from years of real-life business experience, coaching, and proven coaching and mentoring programs and methodologies. All of our coaches have at least 15 years successful business experience and many have advanced degrees and coaching certifications. Most have run large corporations and/or have impacted organizations with key managerial roles. The tools we employ are the best in the industry. If we don’t feel there is a good fit, we will tell you in advance.

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What guarantees do you offer?

We guarantee the quality of our coaching. Together, with our clients, we build a return on investment based upon their goals. Progress is continually measured — both quantifiable and qualifiable, over time. There is one caveat; the client must do the work. Many of our clients sign on for additional terms. This in itself demonstrates the success of our programs.

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