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Do your leaders need help?

There are few organizations where every member of the executive team and every manager and supervisor is as effective as they could be. The multi-billion dollar training industry sells thousands of ways to jam more and more facts and concepts into the average employee, leaders included. Your people know the facts. What they need is the support of a coach to turn what they know in theory into effective behaviours.

Team building is not all about ‘games’

While outbound experiences and off-site retreats have their place in building teams, the creation of an effective team requires ongoing support. Just like a personal trainer will help you reach an optimal state of fitness more successfully than a do-it-yourself approach, a coach-based approach to team building will create an effective team more often and with less disruption than any other means.

Change is an industry reality

Your organization will only thrive by encouraging change. Your industry is undergoing massive change. The leaders on your team must be change leaders. You know they’re well trained and experienced. However, they’re not all as effective as you want them to be. It takes ongoing coaching to bring about strategic change, including change in your leadership team, and all the way down the line.

Leaders need to be the change they want to see happen

At Do Differently we inspire individuals and teams to uncover new ways of working, in order to achieve groundbreaking results. We help Change Leaders transform old patterns and grow to their next level. Change Leaders have a presence, a way of being that attracts people and so that they naturally get into action. In turn, these leaders model Change Leadership and support their people to leverage their strengths, take on bigger projects and make outstanding contributions.