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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching: career, transition, life

In a funk? Feeling lethargic? Maybe it’s time to re-ignite that passion that you know lies within you. What is your legacy? How about uncomplicating your life. We all have choices and yet it often it so difficult to anticipate and manage the risks. A wrong decision can have huge implications. Yet the status quo often feels more and more uncomfortable, like a splinter in a finger that we can no longer ignore.

Right now might be the time to invest in yourself. Consider co-creating a new vision for your future with the support of a professional coach.

If your career is stalled

You have the knowledge and skills needed to advance in your career, but you’ve reached a plateau. Wondering what is holding you back? With individual coaching, you can make enormous gains. Open, inclusive, insightful coaching will help you to overcome many career roadblocks. For information on Career Coaching, click here.

Being in transition, is the step before gaining a new life

Your work affects your whole life. Being in transition in your world of work can be daunting and can take a toll on the strongest of us. You’re in transition, and transitions aren’t easy. You need support and the occasional nudge in the right direction. A coach with plenty of real-world experience can help you to move on and build the new life you find hard to even believe in now. For information on Transitional Coaching, click here.

Having a balanced life is more than just a slogan

When you’re working on your life dreams, you might find that you hit plateaus and roadblocks. Individual, personal coaching provides a gentle, life-affirming approach to moving beyond life’s obstacles. A personal coach supports you in your goals and helps you, like a gentle breeze, boosts you on your way to gaining what you desire. For information on Life Coaching, click here.

Being an entrepreneur has more than its fair share of challenges

You had a dream to build a business. To provide a unique product or service to the world, and you did it.
Yet something is going wrong. Your dream seems to be getting out of hand. Your business feels stalled, and things aren’t being done the way you want them to be done.

You’re an ideas person but you’re being dragged down by details that undermine your vision.

What you need now is a way that you can use to help you do what matters most. And to make delegation work for you, instead of against you. For more about Entrepreneurial Coaching, click here.

Have the courage to change.
Choose to live your best life.