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Entrepreneurial Coaching



Entrepreneurial Support is about more than hiring the right staff, or creating prioritized to-do lists. It’s a mindset that can be learned and a methodology that can be adopted.

You built the business by hand

Your passion once carried and drove every aspect of the business, from customer service, supplier relations and production, to marketing and sales. You called the shots and had your arms around it all, and you and your staff were pulling the oars in sync. And the business grew and grew.

You still carry the business

As it grew, the issues and problems began to consume you entirely. The hiring, the training, providing service, taking care of customers, every issue keeps coming back to you to solve. However, you don’t have any more time to give.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re an idea person, and you find it hard to stay focused on all that needs fixing. Your business feels stalled, unable to get to the next level. As to your staff, sometimes you wonder “Why can’t they just do what they’re told? Why don’t they use their common sense? Why are they so insistent at knowing where we’re going and why? Why can’t they communicate with me? Why can’t they communicate with each other?”

Your business needs your attention

There are issues and projects that need your attention. They’re going to bite you if you don’t get to them. You know it!

However, you feel there’s just no time!

Perhaps there’s a better way.

Support to help you do what matters most

At Do Differently, we support you to take action and get results on those issues that demand attention but in the busyness of day-to-day are often left waiting. These are important things, that you know you must get to, but the “noise of day to day” keeps getting in the way. Whether it’s in your career or your business, these “matters most” issues have to get done and we can help you focus on this vital part of your business.

Do Differently “Matters Most” Process

The Matters Most Process is a diagnostic that enables entrepreneurs to get clarity around what your good at and that which your not. It’s a means of clarifying where your time is best spent, providing the biggest and best payback to your business. It get’s to the issues, the biggest one’s that are holding you and your business back from being the best it can possibly be. And most importantly it puts in place plan to act on those issues that will move you forward.

Why use an outside source to help you focus?

Ask yourself, what’s the impact of getting what matters most done, vs not getting it done, because it “should” be done in-house?

If you want to find out more about how Do Differently can help you get your “matters most” issues done, send talk to me directly by e-mail or call me at (416) 481-9482.