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Essential Conversations for Developing Others

Only 20% of employees working in large organizations surveyed feel that their strengths are in play every day. ..the longer an employee stays with an organization and the higher he climbs the traditional career ladder, the less likely he is to strongly agree that he is playing to his strengths.

Gallup survey of 198,000 employees within 36 companies.

The future success of today’s businesses is greatly dependent on developing tomorrow’s leaders. Survey after survey suggests that we are not doing well in this area, so it’s no surprise that staff development–preparing the next generation of leaders and supporting skill development at all levels–is a top issue for business leaders around the globe.

One of the core competencies successful organizations now require is that managers focus on developing others to ensure continuity, smooth succession and sustained growth. This program is designed to equip leaders to address that key competency.

Building on the skills and tools introduced in The Coaching Clinic®, Essential Conversations for Developing Others® has at its core the belief that managers can successfully initiate developmental conversations through a coach leadership approach.

The program trains participants to recognize and/or create opportunities for developmental conversations, and teaches how to maximize these opportunities for leadership development.